SuperGroupies Lend Their Sophisticated Talents To Sarazanmai High End Goods

SuperGroupies Lend Their Sophisticated Talents To Sarazanmai High End Goods

SuperGroupies have really caught my eye this past year. They continually put out great looking goods inspired by anime and games. Plenty of brands and designers do, whether it be through UNIQLO or other independent collaborations. SuperGroupies have a unique edge on their competition; the vast majority of their goods could be worn in extremely formal situations. They create all sorts of apparel but tend to specialize in bags, watches, wallets, and that kind of thing more than just t-shirts. The currently airing Sarazanmai, the latest offering by Utena auteur Kunihiko Ikuhara, is the latest show to get the SuperGroupies high-end treatment.

Sarazanmai SuperGroupies Goods

There’s a whole slew of goods available in the Sarazanmai collection by SuperGroupies, many in alternate colors. If you want to see the complete line-up in full detail, we recommend checking out their website. A few highlights are definitely worth touching upon though. There’s a single shirt in the collection; A polo with reversible short sleeves featuring an embroidered Kappa that only goes for 6,000 yen. The watches, a specialty of the designer, are particularly sleek with their gradient faces and gold frames though they’ll set you back 13,800 yen each. I love the phone cases that come with maybe the post tasteful pop-sockets I’ve ever seen. Each of the bags features different details and prices but they’re all in the 120 dollar ballpark.

Sarazanmai SuperGroupies Phonecases

If you haven’t been watching Sarazanmai, you’ve been missing something special. Anything by Kunihiko Ikuhara, the man behind Revolutionary Girl Utena, Penguin Drum, and a lot of Sailor Moon is worth one watch. You wouldn’t know from these Michelin-star restaurant ready goods that Sarazanmai features a good deal of anuses and farts as part of its central motifs. It’s really something to behold with some high-quality animation to boot.

Sarazanmai SuperGroupies Watches

These Sarazanmai goods by SuperGroupies will release at various points throughout the summer.

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