Support Japanese Artists On Bandcamp This Friday: June 2020 Edition

The Novembers

Last month, Bandcamp helped artists earn over seven million dollars via their monthly decision to waive their revenue shares, meaning creators get 100 percent of the sales from their music and merchandise over a 24 hour period. This campaign started as a way to help support artists during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the second installment of the drive nearly doubled the amount generated on the initial day in April.

Ahead of this special day, Otaquest wanted to highlight some recent Bandcamp releases from Japan worth supporting that came out over the last month. While the nation is attempting to pivot out of a state of emergency, Japan’s music community is still feeling the COVID-19 crunch too — venues continue to crowdfund to stay open, while most can’t put on event and the ones that do end up with something that looks like a novelty — and now is a great time to offer some support their way (and get some great music in the process).

The Novembers — At The Beginning

Long-running rock band The Novembers recently opened up shop on Bandcamp, with their eight studio album being the cherry on top. It’s balance of the dark and bouncy shows that the group hasn’t lost a step yet.

Toto Hoshimiya + TEMPLIME — Cloud Diver

This collaboration between singer Toto Hoshimiya and emerging electronic duo TEMPLIME has produced some of the jauntiest dance-pop in Japan over the last couple of years. Cloud Diver collects their best numbers, which find a sweet spot between bubbly J-pop and U.K. 2-step.

XTAL — Aburelu

The second album from the Japanese electronic artist is a textural wonder.

Takeaki Oda — Long Distance EP

Memories of chillwave past run through this EP from bedroom creator Takeaki Oda. Recommended if you need a temporary breeze from the comfort of home, or are looking to get nostalgic.

Okinawa Electric Girl Saya — NEO SAYA

Idol-turned-experimental-artist Okinawa Electric Girl Saya showcases all sides of her sound here, diving into both noise and pop-adjacent sounds.

Phew — Vertical Jamming

Ahead of a new album, pioneering Japanese experimental artist Phew shared a set of slow-burning pieces to get people excited for what’s next. Naturally, this preview stands strong all on its own.

Yoichi Okabe — HOL

The drummer for post-rock outfit ROVO shares an uptempo set during tough times.

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