Hip-Hop Duo SUSHIBOYS Release Latest Single & Music Video “DRUG”

Hip-Hop Duo SUSHIBOYS Release Latest Single & Music Video

One of the acts that caught me by total surprise throughout the course of 2018 was hip-hop duo SUSHIBOYS. Instantly recognizable for their incredible “Shopping Cart Racer”, SUSHIBOYS are back with yet another heater that tugs on all the right strings with “DRUG”. Uploaded to SUSHIBOYS’ official YouTube channel over the weekend, the duo’s latest offering can be seen below:

Blaring horns, infectious hooks, and playful kicks are what define “DRUG”, feeling like the absolute perfect blend of internet-era electronic music and hip-hop stylings. It’s a safe-bet style for the duo following a slew of successful releases this year, including the February release “SANAGI”. But while it’s definitely a safe bet, it’s also a sound that almost feels distinctly “SUSHIBOY” at this point, especially with the way both members work their vocals around this production.

Despite their somewhat recent transition from a trio to a duo, there’s no questioning the fact that SUSHIBOYS are here to stay in 2019. With an already consistent set of releases dropped throughout the process of this year, I’m definitely excited to see what else the group has planned.

Definitely a group you won’t want to sleep on throughout the course of the year, those interested in checking out further information on SUSHIBOYS should definitely check out the duo’s official website.

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