Sushiboys Set to Release Latest ‘Shindara Kotsu’ CD and You Should be Paying Attention

Japanese Hip-Hop Duo Sushiboys Set to Release Latest Shindara Kotsu CD and You Should be Paying Attention

There are few Japanese hip-hop acts that I’ve been paying more attention to in recent times than Sushiboys. Best characterized by their net-label-indebted production and hyper-fun rap style, the duo has been making waves in recent years following a slew of goofy releases that blend their over-the-top fun with some serious talent that proves a winning formula time and time again.

We’ve covered them a couple of times in the past, and since then, I can only guarantee that my interest has grown exponentially. From cozy nights in my previous living situation tuned into Space Shower TV where their music video for “Shopping Cart Racer” would receive frequent air time, all the way to the bustling Keio Line trains here in Tokyo, there was never a situation where I couldn’t get down to their music. Now, heading into the latter half of 2019, the duo is set to release their latest LP “Shindara Kotsu” which is set to be accompanied by a nationwide tour. Let’s get into that below.

Set to release on October 25, Sushiboys’ latest LP “Shindara Kotsu” is a stacked 8-track release filled with both familiar and new sounds that I can’t wait to deep-dive into. There are familiar cuts such as the above-embedded “DRUG” that perfectly captures everything I love about the group, and just looking at the titles on the tracklist I’m sure that the other tracks will deliver a similar level of excitement. Speaking of, let’s take a look at that tracklist below:

01. 死んだら骨
03. save
04. DRUG
06. 食品添加物
08. 高速道路

I mentioned earlier that the group will be accompanying the LP release with a tour, familiarly enough under the same name as the LP, with stops across the nation including shows in Tokyo that I’m sure to make my way to. It truly feels like Sushiboys are on the cusp of something truly great with what they’re doing, and if “Shindara Kotsu” delivers, it leaves me extremely excited for what’s to come in 2020 — that year so frequently discussed in Japan as the turning-point for much of what’s to come. If you’re not on board with Sushiboys right now, you should definitely jump onto them now before they truly pop off on a global scale.

Hitting online streaming services and physical retailers in Japan on October 25, those interested in checking out more on the upcoming release from Sushiboys should check out the “Shindara Kotsu” official webpage.

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