Sushio & And A Collaborate For “SiCK & POSiTiVE GiRLS” Apparel Collection

Sushio X And A Collaborate For

Studio TRIGGER’s own designer and animator Sushio recently released his first official art book last month in August, and in celebration, he’s teamed up with the designers at And A to create one-of-a-kind t-shirts to commemorate the occasion. The shirts, some of which are also available as sweaters, are available for pre-order from September 13 until October 14 on And A’s online store. The goods are set to be shipped out around November later this year.

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And A wanted to express the fusion between fashion and art with Sushio’s designs. I couldn’t find anything explicitly explaining the concept of the phrase “SiCK & POSiTiVE GiRLS”, but it has a quirky feeling specific to Sushio that’s open to interpretation. The illustrations of the girls are just still images, of course, but somehow they have a lot of life and movement to them. My favorite one is the blue-haired girl cannonballing into the water with a huge spiky dumbbell. The character radiates strange confidence, and I really love the way Sushio draws hair.

And A is a fashion brand that focuses on promoting individuality by carefully selecting artists to collaborate with. Sushio’s collection with And A is meant to go along with the official artbook that he released on August 22, Sushio the Idol. The artbook contains Sushio’s works from anime such as Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann, including drafts of work within the idol industry. Before working for Studio TRIGGER, Sushio worked for Gainax, where he worked on Neon Genesis Evangelion. Sushio’s most recent work includes providing key animation for TRIGGER’s new animated film, PROMARE.

The collaboration with And A seems to be a limited run of goods, so it may be smart to make sure you pre-order the clothing before it releases. With that being said, it looks like international shipping isn’t an option at the moment, so it might just be time to fire up your proxies.

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