TRIGGER’s Own Sushio Releases His Take on Wonder Woman

This past decade, and especially as of late, we’ve seen an undeniable collision between both the Japanese and American pop culture industries. For the second time ever, we’re seeing an anime series stemming from Japan, based on an original concept by Marvel-founder Stan Lee. We’re also fresh off the heels of Anime Expo 2017, which through it’s record breaking numbers further proved that the time is ripe for such international relations and growth. But nothing quite drives the point home like these incredible Wonder Woman renditions by various creatives from Japan.

Calling on the talent of some of Japan’s most diversely talanted and recognized artists, we realized the potential in recreating the Wonder Woman image with each artists unique touch. Kicking off the event, which was dubbed #WonderWomanCreatorsCollab, we saw the Hello Kitty collaboration which we covered in the past, here. Following that was a collaboration with famed Japanese doll Licca-chan, which saw the doll dressed in the armor of Wonder Woman. From here on is where things started the capture my interest, with Warner Brothers Japan calling on the talent of Sword Art Online character designer Shingo Adachi and later Creamy Mami character designer Akemi Takada. 

Each of these entries were absolutely gorgeous, and did a lot to add a new layer to the already well-defined character of Wonder Woman. However standing out from the rest as an absolutely eye-catching piece of art was the collaborative illustration with Studio TRIGGER illustrator and character designer Ishizaki Toshio, perhaps better known as Sushio. The illustration perfectly illustrates the ability and signature-style of Sushio in so many captivating ways, and myself as well as apparently everyone else on the internet are totally in love with it. Featuring both Wonder Woman and Superman within the same image, it’s easy to see why we can’t get enough of it:

We’re sure Sushio has been an extremely busy man as of late, especially with Studio TRIGGER having just announced three original animated projects at this years Anime Expo, so it’s nice to see him taking somewhat of a break. If we could somehow get an anime Wonder Woman series that looked as good as Sushio’s illustration, I can only imagine the hype surrounding it. Of course, only time would tell, especially with Wonder Woman’s Japan theatrical release just around the corner. 

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