SWAY Launches Reebok × N0IR INTVL 96 Collaboration

SWAY Launches Reebok × N0IR INTVL 96 Collaboration

DOBERMAN INFINITY and HONEST BOYZ®︎ rapper SWAY has teamed up with Reebok for their third collaboration, Reebok × N0IR INTVL 96.

SWAY Launches Reebok × N0IR INTVL 96 Collaboration

N0IR is a creative project led by SWAY. N0IR comes from the combination of the French word noir (meaning black) and the number zero. Since the color code of black is #000000, it can be understood that zero is the color of nothing. SWAY plays on this idea with a concept for N0IR of “the moment that 0 becomes 1” (or “0 to 1”). For this collection, SWAY replaces 1 with R (for Reebok) to design with “1 to R” as the new theme.

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The INTVL 96 SWAY SHOES reproduce the iconic 1996 Reebok design. This model uses black, white, and red as the base colors with fluorescent yellow and orange accents on the inner mid-soles.

The coloring matches N0IR’s most recent apparel collection with Reebok—launched in December of last year—which featured a pair of similarly accented track pants.

The tongue of each shoe features a different logo, with the Reebok logo on one and a ø (for N0IR) on the other. The insoles contain the same logos, reversed. The Reebok logo on the heel has also been re-imagined to contain the ø in place of the normal o—causing it to read Reebøk.

SWAY himself is an avid collector of sneakers. In a special interview with LDH, SWAY suggests that these new Reeboks will be perfect with sporty coordinates that he “can’t wait to see everyone styling on social media.”

The official release date of the Reebok × N0IR INTVL 96 is set for Saturday, June 6th. It will be pre-sold at NUBIAN in Shibuya beginning Saturday, May 30th. The INTVL 96 SWAY SHOES will retail for ¥9,339 (tax-included).

As Tokyo lifts its stay at home orders, now is the perfect time to invest in a new pair of brightly-colored kicks for the summer. Shop the Reebok × N0IR collaborative items here.

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