Photo Report: Checking Sweets Paradise’s Bitter-Sweet ‘Pop Team Epic’ Collab

In a bid to promote Bkub Okawa’s monolith Pop Team Epic series, the kuso manga-gone-anime has teamed up with Japan’s iconic sugar-sweet Sweets Paradise buffet chain offering a limited number of exclusive meals and goods.

For many, the concept of an “all-you-can-eat” buffet takes on a bit of a different form depending on where you hail from. In Japan, the most common way to gorge yourself is through the “tabehoudai” and “nomihoudai” systems, which can be translated as “eat as much as you like” and “drink as much as you like” respectively. The affairs are usually timed, with common ranges being two to three hours at the upper limit. You can find “houdais” for a great variety of foods, from “yakiniku” grilled meats to pizza and tasty bar foods.

Enter Sweets Paradise — a Japanese chain at the forefront of “sweets tabehoudai,” which I am convinced that is a concept that only exists on a widely-accepted level in Japan. Imagine it, and let your tastebuds weep: 90 minutes of unlimited cakes, pastries, and fried snacks. Add on plates of pasta and loads of tasty sauces, curry rice, and even a sizable salad bar, and you have an all-you-can eat-experience that is hard to top.

Imagine our excitement then, when a chain normally associated with good feelings and happy times announced a collaboration with our favorite irreverent manga-turned-anime series, Pop Team Epic. A few special collaboration dishes and drinks are available for an additional charge on top of the normal 90-minute cost, and we were able to sample most everything available. Let’s take a look at what we got!

Most of the items come with colorized panels of the original 4-Koma in wafer form.

We don’t have sake, so we’ll suck this lemon!

This may get you kicked out of a lot of other places.

The kuso green pasta was a lot more appetizing than it may seem.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper collaboration event without some tasteful decor.

After enjoying the collaboration menu, grab a plate and enjoy the traditional Sweets Paradise experience to your heart’s content.

As we left the fine establishment, we were gifted with some truly useful items — two New Year’s 2019 postcards well ahead of time. I bet you didn’t know that next year was the Year of the Boar until now, too.

You’ll be able to find the Pop Team Epic x Sweets Paradise collab at a few locations across Japan. Check out the list below, and get ready for a truly kuso eating experience.

  • Sweets Paradise Akihabara
  • Sweets Paradise Shinjuku Metro
  • Sweets Paradise Shizuoka Parco
  • Sweets Paradise Yokohama Vivre
  • Sweets Paradise Omiya Marui
  • Sweets Paradise Sendai Parco
  • Sweets Paradise Kyoto Shijo Kawaramachi
  • Sweets Paradise Nagoya Parco (the store we visited!)
  • Sweets Paradise Fukuoka Parco
  • Sweets Paradise Kinshicho Marui (Tokyo)
  • Sweets Paradise Osaka Aria Yao

The collab runs until at least mid-April for many of these locations, so be sure to check out the relevant details on the official website, here.

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