SYNERGY Stay Home Edition

SYNERGY Stay Home Edition Presented by Anime Central & OTAQUEST

SYNERGY has become a staple at Anime Central ever since its debut in 2008. Every year we work together to bring amazing Japanese producers and DJs from all genres and scenes to the convention to hold a truly one of a kind event. This year with Anime Central canceled due to shelter-in-place orders related to COVID-19 we’re pairing up once again to keep the party going, this time from the comfort of your own home.

SYNERGY Stay Home Edition is a collection of Japan’s top club talent, assembling for a night of streaming DJ performances to keep you going during these tough times. All of the performers are coming to you from their own homes and studios in a sign of solidarity as we all stay home in an effort to keep each other safe. In addition to some fan-favorite returning acts, we reached out to artists that have long been on our wishlist for the party and they’re participating for the first time this year!

The party will be aired on twitch at the official OTAQUEST twitch channel this Saturday, May 16th at 9:00 pm Central time and everyone is invited!

The timetable is as follows:

9pm CDT / 10pm EDT / 7pm PDT (5/17 11am JST)KOTONOHOUSE
10pm CDT / 11pm EDT / 8pm PDT (5/17 12pm JST)DE DE MOUSE
11pm CDT / 12am EDT / 9pm PDT (5/17 1pm JST)tofubeats
12am CDT / 1am EDT / 10pm PDT (5/17 2pm JST)Moe Shop
1am CDT / 2am EDT / 11pm PDT (5/17 3pm JST)TeddyLoid
2am CDT / 3am EDT / 12am PDT (5/17 4pm JST)kors k

This year’s lineup (in alphabetical order):



Mixing tribal music from Tibet, Indonesia and children’s voices with a touch of his soul, DE DE MOUSE chips them into single sounds and edits them to create significant melodies.

From Acid House to Amen Break, and Hip Hop to Fusion, he links and mixes keywords together to create new sounds for the Electric scene.

A mix of sounds of synthesizer intertwined with unique chords, he creates an energetic beat that fits in the breakcore genre.

Not only his musical approach but his live performance is extraordinary.
He puts full of his energy and creative ideas into his live set to entertain his audience.

The style of live performance changes from time to time, such as aggressive twin drums style, dance remixes, piano solo and so on.

DÉ DÉ MOUSE also collaborates with other artists and creators from all over the world in fashion, game, graphic and art industry.

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kors k

kors k

Kors K is a music producer, artist, and DJ. Even though his main focus in on hard dance music, there is no limit to the style of music he can create. He has amassed fans around the world who are mesmerized by his high-quality of sound production.

He is a track maker which has garnered an immense amount of popularity in the rhythm game scene, including “beatmania.”

He has released more than 700 songs in total, including anime tracks, J-POP remixes, as well as both international and domestic label releases.

He is also active under the aliases of “teranoid”, “Eagle”, and “StripE”.

Recently, he has expanded his activities such as producing the unit “maras k” with pianist Malays and the sub-label of Exit Tunes, “EDP”.

He is currently active as a DJ in clubs and on stage at events not only in Japan, but around the world in the USA, Asia, Germany, and a number of other places.

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KOTONOHOUSE began writing music in earnest in 2016, immersing themselves in the creation of Kawaii Dance Music songs that shine with technical vocal cut-ups based on the Future Bass, Trap and Jersey Club sounds.

His tracks, which were released on SoundCloud, immediately caught the attention of domestic producers, and in 2016, he appeared at the 家-Yeah- event, which brought together some of Japan’s leading track makers. He was also selected as one of the “Best Music of 2016” in Gizmodo Japan’s 中の人+α ranking.

In 2017, KOTONOHOUSE’s original song “good time” was featured on FREQUENCY BLITZ 5, a label compilation for Attack The Music, an independent label based in Los Angeles, California.

His activity crossed oceans to perform in the artist showcase “conXion” at the 2018 Anime Expo in Los Angeles, USA. In addition, he won first place in the Producer category of “Best of Japan DJs Ranking U-29” held by DJ MAG JAPAN in the same year.

Released in January 2019, “Marine Snow (feat. RANASOL)” is the next generation of the Japanese dance music scene, reaching #1 on the iTunes and electronica singles charts.

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Moe Shop

Moe Shop
Moe Shop is a multi-talented producer best known for their eclectic French house sounds with inspiration stemming from Japan’s massively-diverse music scene.

With the tagline “Born in France and developed in Japan”, their 2018 EP “Moe Moe” continued a trend of acclaimed releases, and since then we’ve seen Moe Shop achieve all-new heights with a slew of incredible singles and collaborations.

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TeddyLoid started his career as MIYAVI’s DJ and sound producer when he was only 18 years old. He grew in popularity rapidly with his production of the OST for the anime “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt” ft. Taku Takahashi(m-flo) as well as his creation of tracks for the Vocaloid IA.

In 2014 he produced the music for the short film “ME!ME!ME!” ft. DAOKO.In 2015, he released his first collaboration album “SILENT PLANET” with 12 tracks and 14 sets of guests including names such as Tetsuya Komuro, Yasutaka Nakata, and HISASHI from GLAY. In 2018, TeddyLoid had a massive double album release, “SILENT PLANET: INFINITY” and “SILENT PLANET:RELOADED”, also filled with guest artists like Virtual Riot, DAOKO, Chanmina, and many more.

TeddyLoid has performed on stages all over the world, with notable performances including Ultra Japan 2018 Main Stage, Ultra Japan 2017 Live Stage, Anime Expo 2018 in LA, AWA 2017, Animethon 2017 in Canada, SMASH! Sydney 2017 in Australia, and many more. In 2016, TeddyLoid was named one of the Top 5 Japanese Spotify artists streamed globally.

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Born 1990 in Kobe, Japan. He started his musical career in junior high school, and in his senior year of high school, he became the youngest ever to perform at the biggest techno event in Japan, WIRE.

After that, “lost decade” and “Suisei feat. Onomatope Daijin” reached number one on the iTunes Store overall chart.

Since his major debut in 2013, he has collaborated with a number of popular artists and released four albums that have amassed major recognition.

In addition to his own compositions, he has been active in the field of music for commercials, theme songs for TV dramas and movies, and theatrical releases.

In 2020 he will release the digital mini-album, TBEP, on March 27.

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We’re beyond excited to bring this event to you, in participation with Anime Central. Keep an eye out for more details in the coming days such as the timetable for the event and where to tune in, we can’t wait to party with you all!

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