International Animation Directors Discuss Influence of Anime on Their Work – Annecy Film Festival 2021

anime Alicia Haddick

7 Anime That Exemplify Dudes Rock Energy

anime Chris Cimi

The Sound of Akira Exhibition Opens at Tokyo Miraikan

anime Corey Prasek

Akira’s Famous Motorbike Comes Rolling Back Onto Store Shelves

anime Jeremy Tauber

Masakazu Ishiguro Gives His Thoughts on Akira’s 4K

anime Jeremy Tauber

Must-Watch Classic Anime for All Die-Hard Otaku

anime Eddie Lehecka

Akira Reprints Reach 100 in a First for Kodansha

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

Ghost in the Shell Manga: Finding the Source

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

AKIRA Getting A 4K IMAX Re-Release in Japanese Theaters as Well as A 2 Disc Ultra Blu-Ray Package

anime Corey Prasek

Katsuhiro Otomo Changed Anime and Manga Forever With Akira

manga Chris Cimi

AKIRA and the 2020 Olympics Draw Eerie Similarities in the Wake of Coronavirus

manga Eddie Lehecka

OTAQUEST Staff Year In Review: 2019’s Gifts To Pop Culture

other Eddie Lehecka

Canceled Sega Genesis AKIRA Game Unearthed

anime Eddie Lehecka

Shibuya Parco Museum To Hold Exhibit Celebrating Kosuke Kawamura’s Akira Wall Project

art Lizzy Chan

New AKIRA Minifigures Coming to a Capsule Machine Near You

other Jacob Parker-Dalton

Live-Action AKIRA Film Has Been Put on Indefinent Hold

other Lachlan Johnston

‘Orbital Era’ is Katsuhiro Otomo’s Long Awaited New Movie Project

anime Jacob Parker-Dalton

The Entirety of AKIRA’s Manga is Getting an Anime Adaptation

anime Chris Cimi

Mamoru Oshii, Katsuhiro Otomo Amongst Japanese Directors Invited to The Academy

other Alicia Haddick

AKIRA Creator Katsuhiro Otomo is Anime Expo’s 2019 Guest of Honor

anime Jacob Parker-Dalton
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