Groove Coaster 4 x A-ONE 10th Anniversary and Christmas Unlock Promotion Detailed

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Lounge Neo 家-Yeah- 16th Anniversary Event is this Weekend

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IAAPA 2018: Pump It Up XX 20th Anniversary Information; Interview with Director

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Groove Coaster Arcade 5th Anniversary Event and Cytus II Collaboration News

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Pump It Up 20th Anniversary Teaser Released – Arcade, Mobile and Web Browser Release?

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Konami begins Dance Dance Revolution 20th Anniversary Celebration

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A DanceDanceRevolution Official Japanese Twitter Account is Now Live!

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Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary Solo Event for Groove Coaster 4 Goes Live Today

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Our 10 Favorite Galaxxxy Releases for Their 10th Anniversary

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NHK Shares Japan’s Top 10 Anime of All Time

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Square Enix Is Going All Out for the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary

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Celebrate Hatsune Miku’s Upcoming 10th Anniversary with 5 of Her Best Songs

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This New Line of Kirby Merchandise is Genuinely Adorable

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Synergy 2017 Lineup Officially Announced

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Sailor Moon Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Live Concert

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Super Sonico Is Getting Her Own 10th Anniversary Book and Exhibit

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The Legend of Mogra: 7 Years of Legacy

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