Weekly Shonen Jump Survival Guide: When Good Series Go Bad

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

Orihime Inoue Gets Special Figure for Bleach’s 20th Anniversary

other Corey Prasek

10 Unbelievably Strong Geezers in Anime Who Shout ‘Old Man Power’

anime William Moo

A Simple Guide to All Bleach Episodes, Arcs, and Fillers

anime James Fujita

Bleach Collaborates With Tokyo Girls Collection

fashion James Fujita

Demon Slayer Sales Surpass 150 Million, Overtaking Doraemon

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

How Jujutsu Kaisen Continues the Bleach Legacy

anime Chris Cimi

Behind the Paywall: Tite Kubo Reveals Exclusive Content Produced for Klub Outside

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

Kisuke Urahara: The Man Pulling the Strings

anime Natalia Ordaz

Namco Bandai Issues Apology for Releasing Jump Force DLC Early

games Corey Prasek

Bleach Anime’s Sequel to Return with the Same Characters

anime Rita Kumar

Burn the Witch Anime Imagines ‘Reverse Shibuya’ Until October 15

anime Jacob Parker-Dalton

The Perception Problem With Live-Action Anime and Manga Adaptations – Your Japanese Film Insight #13

other Alicia Haddick

Video Or Song: What Makes A Definitive Anime Opening

anime Chris Cimi

Bleach: Remembering its Days of Glory

manga Chris Cimi

Burn The Witch Film Trailer Hits Tite Kubo’s Stylistic Notes

anime Chris Cimi

Bleach Reportedly Finally Gets An Anime Continuation

anime Chris Cimi

Tite Kubo, The Man Behind Bleach, Was A Manga Giant

manga Chris Cimi

UNIQLO Announces New Collaborative Shirts, Featuring Yu Yu Hakusho, Ranma 1/2, Naruto, and More

fashion Chris Cimi

Tite Kubo’s New Manga Will Reveal In Next Week’s Shonen Jump

manga Chris Cimi
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