Idol Anime for Non-Idol Fans Don’t Exist, You Just Like Idols

anime Alicia Haddick

Eimi Naruse Graduates, Group Adds 5 New Members as It Enters New Era

music Alicia Haddick

Supersonic 2020 Will Stream Summer Sonic Highlights on YouTube

music James Fujita

Zombieland Saga Fanbook to Include New Song Produced With Dempagumi Inc.

anime Alicia Haddick

Design Powerhouse GraphersRock is the King of Collaborations

other Carley Garcia

Dempagumi inc. Dress Up as Gyaru for Latest Single, Inochi no Yorokobi

music Alicia Haddick

A Lot Has Changed for Dempagumi.Inc, But They Still Bring Classic Energy on Latest Song

music Patrick St. Michel Unveil Inochi No Yorokobi’ Single With Live Performance

music Chris Cimi

Yumemi Nemu Officially Graduates from

music Lachlan Johnston Release ‘Taiyokei Kansatsu Chu Seimeitai’ Music Video

music Lachlan Johnston

Yumemi Nemu Shares Tracklist & Producers for Upcoming Solo Album

music Lachlan Johnston Member Yumemi Nemu Announces Retirement

music Lachlan Johnston Release Latest Music Video for ‘Precious Summer’

music Lachlan Johnston Covers Sailor Moon Theme Song ‘Moonlight Legend’

anime Lachlan Johnston Share Latest Music Video for ‘Girametasu Dempa Stars’

music Lachlan Johnston

Moga Mogami Releases First Solo Track Since Departing ‘Gara, Jyanai?’

music Lachlan Johnston’s Jazz-Infused Collaboration With Inio Asano Is Finally Here

anime Lachlan Johnston

Inio Asano Joins Forces With For New Single

anime Lachlan Johnston

Moga Mogami is Leaving to Focus on Solo Career

anime Mike Tamburelli

A Brief Introduction to Japanese Idol Unit ‘’

music Lachlan Johnston
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