TOHO Announces New Content for Virtual Reality Devilman Exhibition

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Virtual Reality Devilman: Devil’s Heart, Human’s Heart Exhibition to Take Place Later This Month

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Why You Should Read Devilman: Go Nagai’s Anti-War Masterpiece – OTAQUEST Selects #23

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Amon: The Apocalypse of the Devilman, The Forgotten OVA

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Latest Batch of Devilman Whisky Celebrates End of ‘Devilman Saga’

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Devilman Was a Major Jumping-Off Point for Go Nagai

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Coronavirus: Stay at Home, Read Manga

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Devilman and Hellboy Team Up in Demonic New Collaboration

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‘Devilman’ Whiskey is Back With a Vengeance for 2019

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NicoNico Poll reveals Japanese top picks for Anime in 2018

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‘Devilman’ and ‘Cutie Honey’ to Host High-Class Party in Ginza

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Mitsuoka Motors Announces Devilman crybaby Orochi Supercar

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Celebrate 50 Years of Go Nagai in New Exhibition

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Two Manga World Giants Join Forces to Offer Serialization to Budding Mangaka

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‘MAZINGER Z: INFINITY’ to Receive Theatrical Release in US

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Netflix Offers New Age of Expression in Anime

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