Plaiobot Announces Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann Plastic Model

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Otaku no Video: The 90’s Toast to (and Roast of) Otakudom

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Neon Genesis Evangelion: What Is It and Why Should I Care?

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What Makes ‘A Cruel Angel’s Thesis’ From Neon Genesis Evangelion So Memorable?

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The Impact and Innovations of Hideaki Anno

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Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Is Gainax’s Best Satire

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Yoh Yoshinari: Master of Animation

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Evangelion Store Set to Open in Osaka at Namba Marui

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Hideaki Anno Discusses Long-Term Gainax Mismanagement, Mistreatment of Gainax Employees, Evangelion in Online Editorial

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Gainax Director Arrested Under Allegations of Inappropriate Conduct Towards Voice Actress

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Sushio & And A Collaborate For “SiCK & POSiTiVE GiRLS” Apparel Collection

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Neon Genesis Evangelion to Begin Streaming on Netflix on June 21

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Comes to Netflix Worldwide in Spring 2019

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Neon Genesis Evangelion’s ‘The Cruel Angel’s Thesis’ MV Uploaded 23 Years After Release

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Studio Khara Steps Up Production for Fourth ‘Evangelion’ Movie

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Mari Okada and Studio Bone’s Latest is a Modern Tale About a Pilot Girl and Her Dragon

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The Unofficial Official ‘Panty and Stocking’ Continuation

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Gainax to Pay Studio Khara 100 Million Yen in Royalties

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Zekk’s Doujin Remix of Gurren Lagann’s ‘SoraIro Days’ Rules

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