ELEVEN ARTS Announces Theatrical Release of Gintama THE VERY FINAL in North America

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A Simple Watch Guide to Gintama

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The Number of ‘Oi’s Spoken in Gintama Is Truly Astounding

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Gintama Ends Demon Slayer’s 12-Week Dominance at Top of Japanese Box Office

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Jump Festa 2021 Online Announcements: What You Need to Know

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Gintama: THE FINAL Comes Out With New Trailer

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I Love My Garbage: On Anime Tropes and Accessibility

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Gintama Arcs: Some Fan Favorites

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Gintama General Election Decides Series’ Best Episode Ahead of Final Movie

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Gintama The Final Film Finally Revealed, Might Actually Be The Last One

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Agravity Boys Review: Hit-and-Miss Misadventures in Space

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‘Elements of Me’: Japanese Fans Choose Top 50 Manga That Define Them

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Gintama Gets A Third Anime Film Because It’s Immortal

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The ‘Gintama’ Manga is Ending in July, For Real This Time

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UNIQLO Announces New Collaborative Shirts, Featuring Yu Yu Hakusho, Ranma 1/2, Naruto, and More

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Sunrise Officially Announces that ‘Gintama’ Will “Probably” Get New Anime Project

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Anime Films have been Enjoying a Fantastic Week

anime Mike Tamburelli

Gintama Movie Breaks the Mold of Live-Action Adaptions

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‘Gintama’ and ‘Pop Team Epic’ Creator Collaborate for Some Special Merchandise

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