Getter Robo Arc Gets Third Trailer and July Release Date in Japan

anime Corey Prasek

TOHO Announces New Content for Virtual Reality Devilman Exhibition

other Corey Prasek

Virtual Reality Devilman: Devil’s Heart, Human’s Heart Exhibition to Take Place Later This Month

manga Alicia Haddick

Getter Robo Arc Gets July Air Date and New Trailer

anime Corey Prasek

Go Nagai Involved in Development of Grendizer Game 

games James Fujita

Violence Jack 20XX Continues Go Nagai’s Legacy

manga Chris Cimi

A Guide to Go Nagai’s Anime

anime Natalia Ordaz

The Lady in Red: What’s The Deal With Kekko Kamen?

anime Hope Kim

Go Nagai’s Twist on the ShutenDoji Legend

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Why You Should Read Devilman: Go Nagai’s Anti-War Masterpiece – OTAQUEST Selects #23

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

Getter Robo Arc Anime Finishes Saga Started By Go Nagai Next Year

anime Chris Cimi

Go Nagai Covers Tezuka’s ‘Barbara’ in Upcoming Issue of Big Comic

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Latest Batch of Devilman Whisky Celebrates End of ‘Devilman Saga’

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Devilman Was a Major Jumping-Off Point for Go Nagai

anime Steven Porfiri

Naoki Urasawa, Go Nagai Talk Stephen King in Kotoba Magazine

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Go Nagai 50th Exhibition Finally Opens in Tokyo

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TENGA Shares Mazinger Z & Getter Robo Collaboration Figures

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Devilman and Hellboy Team Up in Demonic New Collaboration

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Go Nagai Sticks by ‘Harenchi Gakuen’ Despite Controversy at 50th Anniversary Exhibition

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

TENGA Robo Returns for Getter Robo & Mazinger Z Collaboration

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