7 Must-Watch Racing Sports Anime Series

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Sega Announces Wangan Midnight Collaboration With Initial D The Arcade

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HI-BPM STUDIO Launches 24/7 Eurobeat YouTube Radio Channel

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Initial D: An Anime for Gearheads

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SEGA Targets Spring Release for Initial D THE ARCADE

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Young Magazine x Laforet Harajuku Collection Sees Japan’s Hottest Fashion Brands Take On Ghost in the Shell, Initial D, More

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From the Ocean to the Mountains: Real-Life Anime Locations

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Initial D Drives On With SEGA’s “Initial D The Arcade”

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Eurobeat Hits from Initial D Officially Ride onto Spotify and YouTube

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Event: Champions of the Coast 2018 in Dunellen, NJ – 8/17-8/19

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Three Initial D Films are Drifting Into US Theaters

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The New Manga From the Creator of ‘Initial D’ Is Here

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Champions of The Coast 2017: August 25-27 @ Eight on the Break, NJ

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There’s a New Car Manga on the Way From the Creator of Initial D

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Let’s Talk About Toyota’s Latest Anime-Focused Commercials

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