JoJolion’s Ending Sees Hirohiko Araki at a Crossroads

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

Ultra Jump Launches New Hirohiko Araki Manga Award in Honor of JoJo Creator

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part Six Stone Ocean Anime Announced

anime Corey Prasek

This Golden Wind Risotto Nero Figure Doubles as the World’s Fanciest Pen

anime Alicia Haddick

Review: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan OVAs – JoJo, but Not as You Know It

anime Jacob Parker-Dalton

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Is Getting a Theme Park… Sort of

other Jacob Parker-Dalton

glamb Announce High-End Collection of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Parts 1-5 Shirts, Knitted Sweaters, and More

fashion Alicia Haddick

One Piece Prevails Over Demon Slayer in TV Asahi’s Manga General Election

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

How TikTok Is Changing Anime Fandom (and Boosting the Popularity of Older Series)

anime Alicia Haddick

Namco Bandai Issues Apology for Releasing Jump Force DLC Early

games Corey Prasek

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind is an Italian Gangster Story

anime Steven Porfiri

Weekly Shonen Jump Survival Guide: How to Cope With Character Death

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

Gochisosama: Japanese Food Culture in Anime, Part 2

anime James Fujita

I Love My Garbage: On Anime Tropes and Accessibility

cover features Steven Porfiri

Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Anime Mini Series Comes To Netflix Next Year

anime Chris Cimi

‘Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan’ Is a Great Choice for Live Action Drama

other Jacob Parker-Dalton

Hirohiko Araki: Jojo, Fashion, and Art

manga Samuel Moreno

Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025 Logo Sparks Comparison to SCP-066, Made in Abyss and Others

other Jacob Parker-Dalton

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime: Timeline and Watch Order Guide

anime Samuel Moreno

Who is Guido Mista and Does He Have Hair?!

anime Natalia Ordaz
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