CAPCOM Store Tokyo and Osaka Set to Offer Exclusive Goods With Art by Kinu Nishimura

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Mega Man Commemorates 33rd Anniversary With 33 Days of Daily Illustrations on Twitter

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Capcom Releases ROCKMAN X DIVE in Japan

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“Capcom vs. Osamu Tezuka Characters” Art Exhibit Announced

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History of Keiji Inafune, The (Almost) Mega Man Creator

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Mega Man, Rock Man, Rock, X, Whatever Your Name Is

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Team Shachi Collaborate with Capcom for Mega Man-Themed New Single

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Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Listing Leaked via Hong Kong PlayStation Store

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Mega Man X DiVE is Set to Undertake Closed Beta Testing

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Capcom Just Shared An Updated List of Their Games that Sold 1 Million + Copies

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Sword Art Online Character Designer Shingo Adachi Releases Artbook

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Capcom Home Arcade Plug-&-Play Device Announced with 16 Classic Titles

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NA Share Latest Biohazard, Rockman, and Onimusha Collaborations

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Mega Man 11 is Coming to PC and Consoles on October 2nd

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Capcom Announces ‘Mega Man 11’ for Next Year

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