Graniph Celebrates Studio Chizu’s 10th Anniversary in Style

fashion Corey Prasek

Impress Group and Temjin Announce ‘Anime & Trains 2’ Book

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Fans of Mamoru Hosoda’s MIRAI Can Join Anniversary Twitter Watch Party from Studio Chizu

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Weathering With You, Promare Eligible for Nomination for Best Animated Film at 2020 Oscars

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Land of the Lustrous and Mirai Creators Team Up For Marui Short Film

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Mirai and Shoplifters Both Miss Out on Awards at the Oscars

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Mamoru Hosoda’s Mirai Nominated for an Academy Award

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Attack the Music Announces ‘Mirai’ Concept Showcase at Anime Expo ’18

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Mamoru Hosoda’s Upcoming Film ‘Mirai’ Receives Trailer

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