Shueisha and Hatena Launch Mangano: A Twitter and Pixiv Rival?

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Pixiv Site Gets Makeover for Evangelion x Pixiv Project

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‘The Ghost Is Behind the Gal’ Webcomic Poached By Champion, Consolidating Line-up

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Web Manga General Election Chooses ‘Days on Fes’ as 2020 Winner

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‘pictureinbottle’ Digital Art Service Recruits Asano Inio, 35 Other Artists for Launch

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Delve Into The Virtual World Of Summer Wars, Thanks To Pixiv

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Pixiv President Hiroaki Nagata Resigns Amidst Sexual Harassment Charges

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Pixiv President Launches Counter Libel Following Lawsuit Over Sexual Harassment

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Former Idol Suing Pixiv’s President over Sexual Harassment Charges

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