Bkub Okawa New Manga Hints at More Pop Team Epic

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Light Novel, Manga, Yonkoma: How Different Formats Affect Anime Pacing

anime James Fujita

Video Or Song: What Makes A Definitive Anime Opening

anime Chris Cimi

Pop Team Epic MODEDROID Model Kit Is As Bonkers As The Show

other Chris Cimi

The Rise of Pop Team Epic: From 4-Panel Manga to Anime

anime Lachlan Johnston

Second Pop Team Epic Collab With JRA Features 6 Minute Hellshake Yano Story

anime Chris Cimi

Pop Team Epic and Sanrio Take Over Ikebukuro with Collaborative Cafe

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OTAQUEST Staff Year in Review: 2018’s Biggest Happenings

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Pop Team Epic Manga continues into “Season 4”

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NicoNico Poll reveals Japanese top picks for Anime in 2018

anime Petrit Elshani

Popular Mobile Battle Royale ‘KNIVES OUT’ Collaborates with ‘Pop Team Epic’

games Lachlan Johnston

‘Pop Team Epic’ Releases First Mobile Game

games Jacob Parker-Dalton

AC-bu’s Bob Epic Team to Receive Blu-Ray Collection

anime Lachlan Johnston

Pop Team Epic Collaborates With Sanrio Characters for New Comiket Merch

anime Lachlan Johnston

Pop Team Epic Creator Bkub Okawa Launches New Manga ‘Konya wa Neko-chan’

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‘Pop Team Epic’ is Coming to Adult Swim on June 30th

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‘Batman Ninja’ Meets ‘Pop Team Epic’ in New Collaborative Skit

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Photo Report: Checking Sweets Paradise’s Bitter-Sweet ‘Pop Team Epic’ Collab

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[Interview] Sitting Down With Pop Team Epic’s Thibault Tresca

anime Lachlan Johnston

Pop Team Epic’s Insane New Escape Game Inbound

anime Mike Tamburelli
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