Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop Review: An Overly-Formulaic Summer Movie Reminding Us of Our Need to Connect

anime Alicia Haddick

‘Captivated, by You’ Fully Captivates by Celebrating the Eccentricities Of Youth

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Midnight Swan Review: An Award-Winning Glorification of Transgender Trauma and Suffering

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Odd Taxi Review: All Gas, No Brakes

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Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway Review: The Consequence of War (and Streaming)

anime Alicia Haddick

BEAST COMPLEX Volume 2 and 3 Review: Going Beyond the Debut

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Season 1 Review

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The Naked Director Season 2 Review: Losing Feeling With Every Stroke

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Record of Ragnarok Review: Almost Throws in the Towel

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Megazone 23 Part 1 Review: Deliciously 80s

anime Chris Cimi

The Deer King Review: A High-Fantasy Anime Marvel – Annecy Film Festival 2021

anime Alicia Haddick

Rebuild of Welcome to the NHK: Neither a Sequel nor a Continuation

other Jacob Parker-Dalton

Fist of the North Star Volume 1 Review: Filling a Manga Black Hole

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade EPISODE INTERmission Review

games Carley Garcia

‘Creator’s File: GOLD’ Review: Netflix’s Mockumentary Series Brings the Laughs (In Places)

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Undead Unluck’s Autumn Arc: Emotional, Trascendental, Uneven

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Review: A Rushed, Unfulfilling Adaptation of the Dream Arc

anime Alicia Haddick

Dai Dark Vol. 1 Review: A Stellar Space Adventure

manga Steph Donaldson

Controller Close-up: GAMO2 FAUCETWO for SOUND VOLTEX

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Dandadan Early Impressions: When the Student Becomes the Master

manga Jacob Parker-Dalton
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