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Six Years Later: A Review of Sorts For Terror in Resonance

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The Cat’s Meow: Which Space Dandy Episodes Are Worth Revisiting in Seasons 1-2 and “Season 3?”

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Hirobumi Watanabe’s Monochrome Diary to Japanese Rural Life – Your Japanese Film Insight #12

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The Shows of the Incomparable Shinichiro Watanabe

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Kids on the Slope Is a Musical Coming-of-Age Tale

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Kids on the Slope: How It Changed Shinichiro Watanabe Forever

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Revisiting Carole & Tuesday: A Tale of Two Halves

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The Magic Between Shinichiro Watanabe and Yoko Kanno

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Shinichiro Watanabe Interview Part Two – Doing Something Different

November '19: Shinichiro Watanabe Eddie Lehecka

Looking At Samurai Champloo’s Musical Legacy And An Interview With MINMI

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Space Dandy Retrospective: Shinichiro Watanabe’s Successful Failure

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Dai Sato Interview – Reflecting On Shinichiro Watanabe

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Shinichiro Watanabe’s Overlooked Masterpiece: Baby Blue

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☆Taku Takahashi Loves: Cowboy Bebop’s Legacy In Animation

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Shinichiro Watanabe Interview Part One – Doing Something With Music

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