Demon Slayer Movie Breaks 40 Billion Yen Mark in Japan, Worldwide Returns Approaching $500 Million

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Spirited Away Sukajan Created by Studio Ghibli’s GBL Label to Celebrate FIlm’s 20th Anniversary

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Demon Slayer Mugen Train Is Now the Highest-Grossing Japanese Film of All Time

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Spirited Away: Never Look a Gift Spirit in the Mouth

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Spirited Away’s Box Office Total Updated Following Summer Rerelease, But the Mugen Train Looms Large

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Studio Ghibli Shares 400 HD Images From Classic Films for Wallpapers and More

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All Aboard the Animated Express: Trains in Anime

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Strong Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur Performance Continues Japanese Box Office Recovery

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Studio Ghibli Rerelease Dominance of Japanese Box Office Showcase Slow Recovery of Cinema Attendance

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Studio Ghibli’s Releasing These Charming Glass Cups

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Legendary Ghibli Composer Joe Hisaishi Brings the U.S. Premiere of the Spirited Away Suite to NYC This September

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Studio Ghibli’s GBL Line Releases 22 New T Shirts

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5 Japanese Animated Films You Need To Watch Before The Year Ends

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