PSA: Mariya Takeuchi’s Plastic Love is Finally Available On Apple Music, Spotify Internationally

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Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack Finally Available on Streaming Services, Among Others

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Evangelion Soundtracks Drop on Spotify, Apple Music in Japan

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Castlevania Soundtracks Now Available on Spotify

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Eurobeat Hits from Initial D Officially Ride onto Spotify and YouTube

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‘Hi-Fi Final Fantasy Beats To Relax/Study/Battle To’ On Apple Music, Spotify

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The Global Music Report 2019 Saw Industry Growth in Japan With Streaming Making Inroads

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Spotify Just Shared Their Own Official Yuri!!! on ICE Playlist

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PlayStation Japan Just Dropped An All-New CM Featuring KOHH

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Capcom Makes Huge Amount of Game Soundtracks Available On Spotify to Fans Worldwide

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Perfume Launch “All Time Favorites” Self-Curated Spotify Playlist

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Maison Book Girl Release New Album ‘yume’

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Over 300 ‘Monogatari’ Songs Added to Online Streaming Services

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New Spin Rhythm Gameplay Teaser Has Us Hungry for More

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