Freedom of Expression vs. Strict Uniformity: The Unique Balance of Life in Tokyo

other Carley Garcia

Pokémon Manhole Covers Finally Reach Kanto Region

games James Fujita

Strolling Through A Deserted Shibuya

other Chris Cimi

Maricar ordered to pay Nintendo ¥50,000,000 over trademark infringement

other Corey Prasek

Gorillaz Debut Entire New Release ‘The Now Now’ in Tokyo

music Eddie Lehecka

There’s an AI Running for the Mayoral Role of Tama City, Tokyo

other Lachlan Johnston

Special Fate/Grand Order Water-Mapping Show Coming to Tokyo

anime Mike Tamburelli

‘Shin Megami Tensei V’ is Officially Coming West

games Mike Tamburelli

Tokyo Train Line Going All Out in Final Fantasy Collab

games Mike Tamburelli

Tokyo Skytree is Getting a Major ‘Macross’ Makeover

anime Mike Tamburelli

Staff of URAHARA’s PARK Share Favorite Fashion Brands

anime Lachlan Johnston

Comiket Won’t be Moving to Make Way For 2020 Tokyo Olympics

anime Mike Tamburelli

Yunomi Releases Electric New ‘Robotic Girl’ Music Video

music Lachlan Johnston

Tokyo is Getting its Very Own Exclusive ‘Pokémon’ TCG Arena

games Mike Tamburelli

Ujico Just Dropped His Incredible New ‘Wonderworld’ Album

music Lachlan Johnston

The New Unicorn Gundam Is Being Assembled in Odaiba

anime Lachlan Johnston

Keep the Party Alive with Shakes and Fries: Shake the Block

music Lachlan Johnston

Maidreamin to Collaborate with Kiato for Limited-Time Cafe

art Lachlan Johnston

Opinion: Akihabara Is Returning to Its PC Hardware Phase

games Lachlan Johnston

Yuri!!! on ICE Gets Steamy in Onsen Collaboration Event

anime Mike Tamburelli
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