Spooky Pinball and Tsuburaya Productions Team up for Ultraman Pinball Machine

games Corey Prasek

SSSS.DYNAZENON Returns to Its Roots With Gridknight Fight Shorts

anime Jacob Parker-Dalton

Congratulations, It’s a Kaiju: Ultraman Becomes a Father in Netflix CG-Animated Feature Film

anime James Fujita

Ultraman Cosmos Five-Disk Music Collection for 20th Anniversary Announced

music Corey Prasek

Runa Toyoda Will Be Ultraman Trigger’s Female Lead

other James Fujita

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga to Hit Japan TVs This Summer

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‘TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION’ Project to Commemorate the 55th Anniversary of Ultraman

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The History of Kaiju Part 4 – Tokusatsu, Kaiju and The Birth of An Icon: Ultraman

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Where to Legally Watch Tokusatsu Action Outside Japan

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Monthly Hero’s Celebrates 9th Anniversary by Moving Online

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From Rubber Suits to 3DCG Anime on Netflix: This is Ultraman

anime Samuel Moreno

ULTRAMAN Teams Up With #FR2 For Capsule Collection

fashion Esme Parker

Toei’s Tokusatsu World YouTube Channel Uploads A Massive Collection of Classic Titles

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Shout! Factory Bringing Classic Tokusatsu Series to Pluto TV With “TokuSHOUTsu” Station

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Ultraman To Be The Focus Of Upcoming Collaboration In Uniqlo’s UT Graphic Tee Line

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The Rise Of Ultraman Comic Series Coming In 2020 From Marvel

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How to Legally Watch Japanese Movies Internationally, Reality of Love and Netflix’s River’s Edge – Your Japanese Film Insight #2

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Hideaki Anno & Shinji Higuchi’s SHIN ULTRAMAN Film Officially Announced

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EXILE NESMITH x SOLA DIGITAL ARTS – Special Talk Session with Joseph Chou, Shinji Aramaki, and Tomisaburo Hashimoto

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