TAICHI KURAHASHI Adds New Items To Phantom Shop

TAICHI KURAHASHI Adds New Items To Phantom Shop

Japanese designer TAICHI KURAHASHI recently announced on Twitter that they have added new items to their online shop, Phantom Shop. The new stuff includes printed t-shirts and an embroidered cap, both featuring novel, original designs by TAICHI KURAHASHI.

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The new items in Phantom Shop include an electric mouse printed shirt, a pretty soldier printed shirt, and a bakeneko embroidered cap. The electric mouse shirt features a freaky image of a warped version of something representing a popular yellow Pokémon. It’s been reimagined into something that looks like an omnipotent god. I really like the reflective bits on the sleeves, it adds a bit of a warehouse rave touch to the shirt. The pretty guardian shirt has the same vibe, with everyone’s favorite Sailor Scout looking like the goddess Kali. There was a sweatshirt version of the design before, but it’s been reinvented into a lighter t-shirt. Any TAICHI KURAHASHI’s design that you wear will absolutely be the center of your whole outfit.

TAICHI KURAHASHI’s designs follow a distinct motif of warped vintage cartoon characters, circle and triangle shapes, and lots of rainbow colors. They sell their collections on their online shop dubbed Phantom Shop with the idea that there exists a concept in the store, but it’s not tended to by a physical entity. The shop’s name is displayed backward on the site as their logo, “maboroshi no mise“. TAICHI KURAHASHI’s tumblr account is filled with tons of photos of their avant-garde art of freaked out cartoon characters. Most of the designs have been printed on the clothing pieces that are available in the Phantom Shop. TAICHI KURAHASHI pieces, new and old, are also available from CHAOS MARKET, an independent fashion shop located on the bottom floor of Nakano Broadway.

You can check out TAICHI KURAHASHI’s designs on the Phantom Shop website, and keep an eye on their Twitter for updates on new clothing releases.

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