Taiko no Tatsujin Portable 2 Announced

Taiko Drum Master is a music game by Namco that has swept through Japan, featuring 6 PS2 games, 8 Arcade Machines and now 2 PSP Titles. BGB gave the first Taiko PSP game a generous 79%, for the game’s great range of songs, the way it stands out form other PSP games and the fact that Namco supported the game with free downloadable songs for months after its release; in fact their website now boasts 22 brand new songs.

You can find the new track list on Namco’s new Taiko 2 site, but it’s almost entirely in Japanese. From some translating and a lot of googling, I’ve found a few of the games and animes included. Japanese Anime’s Neon Genesis Evangelion and Cat’s Eye’s tunes will be featured as well as the Namco videogames Tower of Druaga (Arcade), Tower Of Babel (NES), Genpei ToumaDen (Arcade), Soul Calibur (Dreamcast) and Ridge Racer – Rare Hero (Various). In the previous rendition, some of the best game music had to be unlocked such as the superb Katamari on the Rocks, so hopefully more will come of this.

Taiko no Tatsujin Portable 2 will hit Japanese stores September 7.

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