Takara Tomy Toys Announces Giant Piplup Plush

Giant Piplup TOP

Have you ever wanted to cuddle up with a Pokémon? Now you can, with Takara Tomy Toys’ new announcement of their giant Piplup Pokémon as part of the E-Gumi line of plushies.

Piplup Giant Plushie

When I first saw this, my first reaction was ‘holy shit, that is adorable’ and I instantly wanted to purchase one for myself. Realistically, I don’t have enough space to put a plush this large in my bed, but I certainly would love to cuddle with it.

The plush is about half of the size of an adult human. It can be your companion while you’re laying in bed alone wanting something to cuddle up with or it can just sit in your lap as you’re going about your day. The possibilities are truly endless.

Piplup Giant Plushie

The plush is currently available to pre-order and is expected to start shipping to customers starting in December of this year. The plush isn’t absurdly expensive either coming in at ¥14,960 (Approx. $140 USD).

If you’re looking to catch this Pocket Monster, you’re going to need to have a friend in Japan order it for you or find a proxy that can order from the Takara Tomy Toys webstore.

Takara Tomy, The Pokémon Company
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