Takashi Ohashi Teams Up With Tomggg for New SPACE SHOWER TV Bump

Takashi Ohashi Teams Up With Tomggg for New SPACE SHOWER TV Bump

It’s been a couple of years since I last found myself writing about the incredible motion graphic and directorial work of Takashi Ohashi. Similarly, it’s definitely been a minute since I last had the opportunity to write about the wonderful musical stylings of Tomggg. But today’s news, something especially interesting to me, brings both of these two talents together on a special bump made for SPACE SHOWER TV. For those of you unfamiliar, SPACE SHOWER TV is one of the major players in the television music scene here in Japan. While MTV skews more towards mainstream appeal, SPACE SHOWER TV has never been afraid of dipping their feet into more experimental waters. But while the music is most definitely a major part of SPACE SHOWER’s brand, so too is the incredible bumps that they play intermittently between their music.

Shared over on SPACE SHOWER TV’s official Vimeo account, “Shapeshifter” is a joint bump that sees Takashi Ohashi and Tomggg team up with an extremely talented group of individuals to perfectly emphasize just what a bump can be. It’s a colorful, highly playful visual and sonic trip that leaves you wanting to dive into the world of this 30-second clip. Handling character design is Yuki Nakauchi, who also doubles down as the main animator. Also joining Nakauchi on animation is Takuto Katayama, Chikako Iwasaki, and Komitsu, while Akino Ohashi handled the incredible paintwork splashed throughout the bump.

SPACE SHOWER TV is no stranger to incredible bumps, and being able to highlight “Shapeshifter” is definitely a treat given just how much I enjoy them. Clicking through the embedded video will also lead you to SPACE SHOWER’s Vimeo channel which is full of a large number of their bumps, and definitely a recommended check. Filled to the brim with absolutely gorgeous content across a wide array of animation formats, those interested in checking out more works from Takashi Ohashi should definitely check out his official website.

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