Tales of Arise Gets Brand New Character Trailer for Alphen

Alphen from Tales of Arise

BANDAI NAMCO‘s long-awaited new entry to the Tales series, Tales of Arise just released a brand new character trailer for Alphen, the protagonist of the upcoming title.

I can’t stress enough how much this game continues to impress me. I am a long-time Tales fan. My favorite in the series was Tales of Vesperia, but the more that I see stuff about Arise, I can’t help but think that I might have a new favorite.

The new character trailer for Tales of Arise sees the protagonist Alphen talking about what he is looking to achieve: freedom. He wants to no longer be shackled down doing things that he doesn’t want to do. However, we see him with a full face mask on which at the end of the trailer starts to glow and shatters halfway off, partially revealing his face. Not to mention that the battle scenes that they show in the trailer really show just how much of a bad-ass Alphen is.

Tales of Arise Battle Screenshot

With Tales of Arise being just over two months away from release on 10 September 2021, I think we will be getting a new character trailer each week. Considering that there seems to be quite a hefty roster of characters in the game, this makes complete sense and I welcome it with open arms.

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