‘Tales of Vesperia’ HD Remaster Receives New Trailer

Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia is an immensely important game to me. As I was growing up, video games played a huge part in forming the person I currently am — my being into gaming, anime and Japanese pop culture can be credited to my addiction to RPGs. Whether it was the dramatic flair of the Final Fantasy series, the addicting tactical strategy of Fire Emblem, or the flagrant anime-action of the Tales of series, I was very much becoming hooked to the biggest tropes of Japanese media through near-constant gaming.

After Tales of Symphonia came Tales of Vesperia, a game I consider so damn near perfect that it’s hard for me to offer up any sort of alternative. The characters unique and with sharp personality; the action battle system evolved; the only negative I can even possibly think up is that it wasn’t available to more people, as it released only on the Xbox 360 in North America.

That’s about to change.

Take a look at the latest trailer showing off the remastered PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch port:

Most exciting about this is that it will be the first time international console Nintendo fans get a taste of the series since 2008’s Wii game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. I implore you to try one of the greatest RPGs ever released when the game comes out next year, including the never-before-seen (outside of Japan) pirate character Patty!

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