Tamashii Lab Announces Satan Saber From Kamen Rider Black

Satan Saber From Kamen Rider Black

When you purchase something from Tamashii Lab, you know you’re getting a top-notch product that is near identical to those used as official props in a show, if not of even better quality. That same mindset applies to their newest release: the Satan Saber from Kamen Rider Black.

The Satan Saber is a weapon from Kamen Rider Black, made to be used by the Century Kings. The Satan Saber was taken by Bilgenia from Shadow Moon when he awoke. Shadow Moon eventually got the Satan Saber back and used it in a battle against Kamen Rider Black. The Satan Saber was eventually vaporized by Kotaro, who throws it into the sky as a final token of respect to his brother. Now that you know a little bit about the backstory of the Satan Saber, let’s take a look at the replica that Tamashii Lab has created.

The replica is a full-size recreation of the Satan Saber used in Kamen Rider Black back in 1987. It comes with a few neat little bells and whistles such as a button that will allow you to activate a number of sound effects that were used in the show.

Satan Saber from Kamen Rider Black

The Tamashii Lab Satan Saber is available in limited quantities through Premium Bandai and will cost ¥13,200 (Approx. $129 USD). Premium Bandai even offers international shipping.

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