HARDCORE TANO*C ‘TANO*C Super Release’ Announced

TANO C Stream Image

HARDCORE TANO*C is one of those names which is synonymous with the Japanese hardcore scene, being a pioneer in bringing and expanding the genre throughout Japan. I would challenge you to try to find anyone who listens to Japanese electronic music who doesn’t at least know the HARDCORE TANO*C name. They play host to a number of artists who’s sound has crossed the oceans such as DJ Genki, DJ Noriken, aran, USAO, Kobaryo, Massive New Krew, DJ MYOSUKE, t+pazolite and more.

On September 5th, the label held an online event at STUDIO W (WOMBLIVE) in Shibuya, Tokyo which showcased each of their artists as well as premiered a number of new songs which the artists have been hard at work on. The show spanned a little over 4 hours total and is available on YouTube to watch if you so desire to, I promise, you won’t be disappointed in the least.

At the end of the event, label head REDALiCE took to the microphone and talked a bit about the event and what the crew has been working on just to lead up to a major announcement of each of the HARDCORE TANO*C artists releasing a brand new solo album. With M3 and Comiket being canceled this year, this is a major announcement. But that’s not all, all of the albums will be coming out on the same day, January 4th, 2021. Dubbing the release “TANO*C Super Release”, this is something that isn’t really seen too often in the music industry where each of a label’s representative artists releases their own brand new album all on one day.

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They didn’t announce the titles of any of the albums, but I’m sure that we’ll be getting some more of that information as the January 4th TANO*C Super Release draws a bit closer. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see some of the tracks show up in HARDCORE TANO*C and MARVELOUS’s game WACCA Lily which is slated to release on September 17th. Either way, I’m super stoked that I get to hear more songs from this great label.

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