Japanese Jeweler TASAKI Uses Animal Crossing: New Horizons To Promote New Jewelry

TASAKI Animal Crossing Design Patterns

A little while back, I wrote an article about XLARGE and XGirl using Animal Crossing: New Horizons to promote their new line of clothing with design patterns that can be downloaded to put on your villager in the game, and I mentioned that I would like to see more brands doing this as I think that it’s an amazing way to use video games to promote real-world products. Japanese jeweler TASAKI has done just this and made a number of design patterns that are based on their recent jewelry creations.

TASAKI has created six different design patterns that can be downloaded to your game right now, and they’re honestly not too bad looking. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer:

First, they have a Grey Short-sleeve tee with their “balance” ring displayed on the shirt
balance ring shirt

Next up, based on the same balance line, they have a black short-sleeve shirt which displays the necklace:

Balance Necklace Shirt

As these are a little more masculine looking, they have also included a dress variant:

Balance Necklace Dress

They have also included a dress which includes their “comet” necklace:

comet dress

Also, they have a pair of Pearl necklaces available. One in a purple Sweater:

Pearl Long Necklace Shirt

And another in a dark blue tee:

Pearl Necklace shirt

As I said previously, I think that this is a really cutting-edge way for brands to show off their products. With Animal Crossing being as popular as it is and the fact that it costs brands nothing in terms of income to create a design pattern, I don’t see why we don’t see this type of advertisement exploding with popularity.

I look forward to seeing if TASAKI continues to do this with their other lines or if this is just a one-off thing. Until then, I can keep hoping that we’ll get some more of the underground clothing lines to make their design patterns available as CHLOMA did.

TASAKI, Nintendo
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