Tascam and Ramen Curry Music Records Team Up To Create Tamio Okuda 8-Track Recorder

Tascam announced that they have teamed up with Ramen Curry Music Records to make a custom DP-008EX in collaboration with legendary Japanese singer-songwriter, Tamio Okuda. The desktop-sized 8-track recorder has received a design overhaul to represent the label’s logo and motif. The custom-designed DP-008 EX-OT (“OT” for Okuda Tamio) is available for 35,000 yen, which is roughly 320 USD.

Tascam and Ramen Curry Music Records Team Up To Create Tamio Okuda 8-Track Recorder

The Tascam DP-008EX is a portable 8-track recorder that is small enough to fit in your backpack. Back in the day, music used to be recorded onto multi-track tape recorders, but in the modern-day, heavy tape setups have been replaced by lighter, digital solutions. Musicians can easily record drums, guitar, synthesizer, vocals, and the likes into the individual tracks and mix them together as they please. The DP-008 EX-OT comes with the song “Working Man” by Tamio Okuda pre-loaded onto the recorder as a demo song, with each multi-track sound source available so you can listen to them individually if you wanted to. You could even play your own instrument parts over Tamio Okuda’s song. Ramen Curry Music Records also provided a video demonstration Tamio Okuda recording drums onto the DP-008 EX-OT.

The Tascam DP-008 EX-OT’s color scheme has been changed from black to a vibrant orange, and the Ramen Curry Music Record’s cute mascot is displayed on the screen on the upper right-hand corner. The knobs also got a cute color-block overhaul, compared to the plain black knobs on the original model. I think something this colorful would inspire more creativity in some artists!

Tamio Okuda, currently signed to Sony Music Japan, started his career as a musician in 1986 as a member of the band Unicorn. Unicorn recorded the theme song, “Feel So Moon”, for the anime Space Brothers. Tamio Okuda ranked number 25 in HMV’s list of Japan’s top 100 musicians in 2003. He also starred in the 2011 Batsu Game on Gaki no Tsukai.



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