Team Sonic Racing Overdrive: Part 2 Speeds Onto YouTube

Team Dark

The second part of Team Sonic Racing Overdrive is out! The first episode of this two-part original net animation debuted a little over a month ago, so in case you haven’t you may want to watch it first. Tyson Hesse, director of the fantastic Sonic Mania Adventures, returned to the Sonic franchise to direct this double header. The net series was made to promote the upcoming Team Sonic Racing which is set to release on all major platforms May 21. Yes, the game and the shorts feature Sonic and co in cars. No, we don’t know why Sonic would need a car. Yes, you should watch the short below.

Everything that was good about part one is good about part two in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive. Charm, engaging animation, and a clear love of the source material. One thing I really like about this episode specifically is that a large chunk of it centers around team dark member Rogue The Bat. Originally introduced in Sonic Adventure 2 along with Shadow The Hedgehog, she’s always been somewhat of a foil and person of interest for Knuckles specifically. She’s been a fan favorite since her introduction but, like much of the extended cast, she hasn’t featured much in the past decade of Sonic material.

Honestly, excluding the excellent Sonic Mania, Tyson Hesse’s Sonic Mania Adventures and Team Sonic Racing Overdrive might be the best things to come from the franchise since the Dreamcast era. We sure do have that Hollywood movie to look forward to. Although knowing what Sonic looks like, not all fans are ‘looking forward to’ it. I hope Sega continues to lend Sonic to different artists and different mediums though. These cartoons have been really fun and really hit what has always been the core appeal of the blue blur.

Team Sonic Racing comes out for Switch, PC, Xbox, and Playstation May 21.

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