Heavy Iron Teapot Modeled After Zaku Head Announced

Zaku Gundam Teapot

Have you ever wanted to have your tea served out of the head of a Zaku? Now you can! PREMIUM BANDAI announced a teapot modeled after the Zeon military’s mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam.

The cast-iron teapot is a follow-up to the 2018 release of an only black version. It is made with Nambu ironware, a location known for making the best quality ironworks throughout Japan, dating back to the year 1088. The teapot is manufactured by the Mizusawa Foundry Industry Cooperative, which inherits the traditional culture of Oshu City.

ZAKU Teapot

If you’re a fan of Gundam and tea, this is something that you probably need in your collection. The teapot isn’t cheap though, as it costs ¥27,500 (Approx. $260 USD). But for a cast iron teapot with this quality of work, the price is actually very fair.

ZAKU Teapot

If you’re looking to get one of these amazing Zaku teapots for yourself, you’re going to find a friend or a proxy place an order through the PREMIUM BANDAI website. You’ll also need a small amount of patience as the teapot isn’t slated to start shipping to buyers until sometime in June. If you happen to be near a GUNDAM Cafe or a GUNDAM SQUARE store, you can also purchase the teapot there.

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