Teddyloid Produced Care Killed The Cat Release Debut Track & MV

Teddyloid Produced Care Killed The Cat Release Debut Track & MV

Bursting onto the scene out of nowhere, Care Killed the Cat have released their first song ‘Eternal Love’. The Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram account for this group were all made in the last few days so there’s not much history on them to report. The girls’ names are Kyo and Mei, Kyo wrote the lyrics for this debut single, and they seem to have the hook up with Teddyloid doing the production. For the music video photographer Ai Terada, who’s worked with Yasutaka Nakata on his ‘FLASH!!!’ club event, makes their debut as a director. Check out the track and video now.

Teddyloid is bringing some relatively standard but definitely solid EDM production to the table in ‘Eternal Love’. Big reverby synths, paired with drums that aren’t too heavy. Written by Kyo, Care Killed the Cat sing entirely in English on this track. While there’s not much distinctive on their first outing, they both can definitely sing. The video itself is flirting with queer themes throughout but never quite commits as hard as it could. Still, shot in a number of trendy places in Tokyo, the cinematography is pretty solid. I like how Kyo and Mei actually look pretty tired throughout the video, it adds a lot of character.

As we said, not much is known about Care Killed the Cat right now. Teddyloid, however, is someone we like to keep tabs on. After Panty & Stocking and ME!ME!ME!, he’s become one of the most internationally popular Japanese producers around. We’ve had him perform at OTAQUEST Live in the past and are happy to have him back this year for OTAQUEST KICKOFF. Whether he’s out making full-on EDM bangers or producing quieter songs for anime, idols, commercials, etcetera, his tunes are always undeniably infectious. Here’s hoping for interesting work with him and Care Killed the Cat.

Teddyloid will perform at OTAQUEST KICKOFF in Los Angeles this July. We’ll have to wait to see what happens with Care Killed the Cat.

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