TeddyLoid Shares Emotional New Music Video ‘Foolish feat. Moto Tensai’

TeddyLoid Shares Emotional New Music Video 'Foolish feat. Moto Tensai'

While this week already had a whole lot going for it, it turns out things were about to turn up a notch once more as we recently discovered. Earlier today we saw the release of Tokyo-based producer TeddyLoid’s latest music video, “Foolish feat. Moto Tensai”, showcasing an all-new emotional side to TeddyLoid previously unexplored. Uploaded to his official YouTube channel, the full music video can be streamed below:

For TeddyLoid, there’s a whole lot of unfamiliarities going on with this release. From the production of the music, all the way to the actual theme of the music video, it’s an exciting direction for the artist that opens the door for a variety of new styles. Originally released late-November on TeddyLoid’s “SILENT PLANET: INFINITY” album, “Foolish feat. Moto Tensai” might just be one of Teddy’s most pop sounds to date.

Those of you that haven’t had the chance to check out either SILENT PLANET: RELOADED or SILENT PLANET: INFINITY, the two latest albums from TeddyLoid, you’re doing yourself a massive disservice. Filled to the brim with a seriously stacked lineup of collaborations, as well as TeddyLoid’s usual production value, both albums are definitely not to be missed.

While many in the West know him for his anime-related works “ME!ME!ME!”, “Fly Away”, and “Pipo Password”, you’ll find that his usual production work actually has a much more club-ready feel and will more often than not bring on any number of Japan’s hottest emerging talents as a feature. This more often than not creates an ultra-dynamic feeling to all of TeddyLoid’s releases and continues to keep us on our toes for the next track.

For those interested in checking out even more of TeddyLoid’s work, including his latest “Foolish feat. Moto Tensai”, be sure to check out his official website.

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