TeddyLoid Releases New Song ‘Invisible Lovers’ Featuring IA

TeddyLoid is the genius creative behind some of the most club-ready anime songs of all time; this is a fact that can’t be argued. Some of his earliest works saw him crafting the genius that is “Fly Away” from GAINAX’s 2010 animated series “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt,” as well as remixing the lyrical stylings of LIA in “My Soul, Your Beats!” of “Angel Beats!.” 

In 2014 the Tokyo-based producer would bring “ME!ME!ME!” to life in collaboration with DAOKO, a song that again dominated events around the globe. With a slew of incredible releases since then, we find ourselves at his latest “Invisible Lovers,” a song produced while utilizing Vocaloid software to bring IA on-board for the ride.

Plucked straight from TeddyLoid’s most recent “SILENT PLANET 2 EP vol.5 feat. IA,” “Invisible Lovers” is not just an excellent example of production ability, but a beautifully tuned showcase of Vocaloid software as a whole. Featuring a music video that breaks the barriers of both 2D and 3D realities, “Invisible Lovers” proves a hit time and time again. It’s a departure from the hard-hitting club sounds presented in previous releases for sure, but there’s a whole lot of charm to this latest release that has kept it on repeat all day.

The four-track EP that “Invisible Lovers” stems from is available to check out now on iTunes and Spotify now.

If you’re yet to check it out, the first part of our interview series with TeddyLoid is available to check out below:

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