TEMPURA KIDZ Team Up With Moe Shop for Latest Single “UKIYO”

TEMPURA KIDZ Team Up With Moe Shop for Latest Single

It’s been a little while since we’ve last heard from TEMPURA KIDZ. The former Kyary Pamyu Pamyu backup dancers-turned-music group have definitely undergone a lot of change since the days of some of their earliest hits such as “CIDER CIDER” or the likes, but now, we’ve finally got a look at what the next iteration of the group will look like. Seemingly out of nowhere tonight, the reveal came in the form of an all-new single titled “UKIYO”, a collaborative effort between the group and France-born, Tokyo-based electronic musician Moe Shop. Check that out below:

Taking Moe Shop‘s signature French-electro sound and infusing it with the vocal dynamics of TEMPURA KIDZ dabbles deeper into the regions of J-Pop than Moe Shop has perhaps ever dwelled; the end results fusing together into something extremely fresh and bouncy, as well as an all-around good listen. The latest “UKIYO” could also prove a promising glance into what’s to come for TEMPURA KIDZ as they undergo their latest transformation, donning the “Harajuku Tribe” look that visionary Sebastian Masuda has cooked up for them.

Compared to TEMPURA KIDZ’ most recent imagery which featured a much more mature look over previous designs, the refresh is honestly quite a welcome approach to their iconic stylings. While still screaming Masuda, the colors and design give each and every member enough personality to really stand out.

Available now for streaming via all major platforms, TEMPURA KIDZ and Moe Shop’s collaborative “UKIYO” is definitely not to be ignored. For those interested in checking out more information, be sure to check out the track’s home page, here.

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