TENGA Robo Returns for Getter Robo & Mazinger Z Collaboration

TENGA Robo Returns for Getter Robo & Mazinger Z Collaboration

When I first reported on Good Smily Company and TENGA’s collaborative robot character about 12 months ago, I honestly thought that’d be it. The mecha-cup takes TENGA’s iconic silhouette and brings it to life with a little robot magic, and definitely made it onto our must-grab lists upon initial inspection. But for Japan’s largest adult toy company, one line of figures couldn’t possibly be enough, they needed to go deeper. That’s where their latest collaboration comes into play, seeing TENGA Robo join forces with the legendary Mazinger Z and Getter Robo.

Now, around these parts, I’d like to hope these are two names that few need an introduction to — both Mazinger Z and Getter Robo are the brainchildren of the legendary Go Nagai and were both pioneers of the mecha genre within anime. So when I say that TENGA, Japan’s largest adult toy company, and two of Go Nagai’s most influential properties are teaming up, its a pretty big deal for obvious reasons.

Whats made available in this collaboration sees a skeleton of both of these giant robots modified to look like TENGA cups printed on t-shirts. For the Mazinger Z collaboration, both black and white colorways are made available, while the Getter Robo is made available exclusively in white. Shirts are available from S to XL and are priced at 7,020 yen.

While I’m not the biggest fan of the blanks used for the shirts, these designs are absolutely wild and I really hope to see them go further. Give us a half-transparent TENGA Getter Robo figure, stickers, posters, I really hope to see these designs go places.

Available for purchase now via TENGA’s online store, those interested in checking out the Getter Robo collaboration and the Mazinger Z collaboration can head over to their respective websites for more information.


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