TENGA Release Limited-Time Valentines Day Chocolate Cup

TENGA Release Limited-Time Valentines Day Chocolate Cup

While TENGA has stood tall at the tip of the adult industry for quite some time now, the ever-evolving brand isn’t afraid to embrace their playful side given the time of the year. They’re a brand perhaps most recognizable for their iconic line of masturbatory cups, immediately identified by their external curvatures and vibrant red color complete with white stripings. It might sound a little weird to be talking about adult toys on here like they’re so common, but they really are a pretty big deal out here.

For over ten years now TENGA has covered all bases for those left to their own devices on Valentines Day with their line of TENGA CUP Series, but traditionally the holiday isn’t meant for one. That’s why this year TENGA is getting a little romantic with the announcement and subsequent release of their all-new line of TENGA SWEET LOVE CUP chocolate cups. Made available in Chocolate, Strawberry, and White Chocolate, the series sees different flavors of chocolate stored within slightly-modified versions of their iconic TENGA CUP.

Fortunately for me, I had someone who went out of their way to gift me the STRAWBERRY TENGA SWEET LOVE CUP, and I can report on both the fact that the chocolate is surprisingly really good, covered in cocoa powder and filled with strawberry, as well as that the cup is not a functional TENGA CUP, so you shouldn’t feel too weird getting this for someone.

Available now in just about every niche goods location you can think of, from Village Vanguard to MULAN and even Don Quijote, you really won’t need to look too hard to get your hands on the TENGA SWEET LOVE CUP. Those interested in checking out furter information, be sure to hit up TENGA’s official website.

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