Terrorhythm has April 6 release date

The new rhythm-action game Terrorhythm is planned for a Steam (PC) release, and, after a slight delay, the title is now planned for an April 6 early access launch.

Terrorhythm by developer Evil Corporation Games is a cyberpunk-themed game set in a future where all sound is outlawed. The player fights against this system using a controller’s face buttons, a keyboard or other accessories such as a dance pad. As expected, doing well depends on being able to follow the beat to build combos and score.

The game is promising multiple difficulty modes, along with a mode that allows players to load in their own music files for custom levels.

A Steam page for Terrorhythm is currently available to view game information and community hub features up until the game’s release.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1cWQqF-6Oc[/embedyt]

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