Tetris Effect Launches Today on Oculus Quest

Enhance and The Tetris Company, Inc. announced today that their acclaimed game Tetris Effect is now available to play on Oculus Quest, downloadable through the Oculus Store. Winner of over 50 awards, including Giant Bomb and Eurogamer 2018 Game of the Year, Tetris Effect has earned praise from players and critics alike, including awards for best audio, visuals, and even a spot on several “best games of the decade” lists.

Escape your living room and dive into the zen-like adventure of Journey Mode, as you explore and experience everything from the calm vibes of Deep Sea all the way to the heart-pumping excitement of Celebration. Or pick from any of the four Effect Modes, all categorized to fit your mood (or the mood you’d like to feel) – relaxed, adventurous, focused, or nostalgic. Lose yourself in the hypnotic gameplay of Tetris, amplified by captivating soundscapes and surreal visuals in this fully immersive, state-of-the-art VR-only experience.

Tetris Effect Oculus Store Link

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