Tetris Effect Physical Version for Japan and Release Date Announced

Yesterday, developer Enhance announced that their newest creation, Tetris Effect will launch worldwide on Friday, November 9. Now while a release date is great and all, players still love physical media, since the game was only really going to be a digital only title from the start.

Today some news came through via Twitter user @Renka_schedule saying that Tetris Effect will be coming physically to Japan on release day, and will feature the full game with PlayStation VR support. @Renka_schedule is known for managing a wiki page used to organize future, past and present game releases in Japan.

No information regarding a North American/European physical release, but I’m sure news should be announced soon if there was plans for it. Media company iam8bit has worked with Enhance in the past to release a physical run of Rez Infinite and merchandise. We’ll place some bets on this could be published through them for the West as well.

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